Wake Up With The Economist returns to Cannes Lions 2016

Wake Up With The Economist returns to Cannes Lions 2016

The Economist today kicked-off the first of its Wake Up with The Economist panel sessions at the Cannes Lions festival. Moderated by Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor at The Economist, the event featured candid conversation and debate from Atilla Cansun, CMO, Merck Consumer Health, Jorn Socquet, Vice President, Marketing, Anheuser-Busch, and Neil George, Vice President, Emerging Markets at Beiersdorf.


Key insights include:

  • When it comes to risk taking, CMOs are lazy and too comfortable in their jobs
  • Creativity can come from anyone and anywhere – including suppliers and consumers
  • PR look out - you need to get more scientific or you will be next to go
  • Statistics can be impressive but do they sell a bottle of beer?
  • Great ideas must connect emotionally

“All parts of the industry are under pressure and with disruption everywhere PR you are next,” said Paul Rossi, President, The Economist Group media businesses. “Clients are still not bold enough. My advice is do more, listen to your agency but remember the consumer knows the best.”