Fuel Your Exercise - Top Nutritionist Recipes & Tips

Fuel Your Exercise - Top Nutritionist Recipes & Tips

Everyone knows peanut butter tastes great smoothed on toast and bagels, but the spread is more versatile than that. Sports nutritionist Jo Scott-Dalgleish, who specialises in digestive health, energy management and nutrition for endurance sports – including triathlon –  has recommended two simple and delicious recipes that can help athletes incorporate peanut butter into their diet.

“I recommend Whole Earth peanut butter to my clients as it is a rich source of protein which is needed by muscles for repair and growth. Whole Earth peanut butter is naturally made without any additional sugar or preservatives which makes it a healthy option for the body.”

Whole Earth peanut butter today releases a video featuring sports nutritionist Jo Scott-Dalgliesh and British Triathlon Federation athletes including Commonwealth Games 2014 bronze medalist Vicky Holland.

Whole Earth peanut butter is official supplier to the British Triathlon Federation. The 2014 British Triathlon Championships are in Liverpool on Sunday 10th August, 2014

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