1 in 3 British women suffer from Adult Incontinence in the UK

1 in 3 British women suffer from Adult Incontinence in the UK

A new study released conducted by Always Discreet reveals that an astonishing 1 in 3 women in the UK over the age of 18 are affected by Adult Incontinence (AI), a condition wrongly associated with only elderly women. Despite the prevalence of the condition women are still suffering in silence, hiding behind the taboo issue that blights their everyday lives.   This common phenomenon can happen to women at any age for many reasons including childbirth, the menopause or strenuous exercise. Over half compromising with sanitary pads or frequent changes of clothes with 67% of women not using products designed for sensitive bladders because they are too embarrassed to talk openly about their condition. 


Of the estimated 12 million women in Britain who experience the previously ‘unspoken’ condition:

Over half (51%) have struggled with depression

48% regularly feel bad about themselves 

Two thirds (65%) feel embarrassed


Two thirds (61%) of women with AI suffering disturbed sleep patterns

94% of the women said they felt exhausted by a condition that they felt they had to keep hidden from their partners, families and friends


26% of the women surveyed admitted that the condition is affecting sexual intimacy with their partners

25% said that bladder sensitivity causes relationship problems with their other halves

More than two thirds (70%) spend time worrying that they might smell

‘Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders’ has been developed following nine years of research and product testing by thousands of women. This new range includes liners and pads that are thinner (up to 40 per cent) than the leading brand, while absorbing two times more than women may need and pants that provide up to 100% comfort and protection