Airbnb contest winners spend 28 hours in LEGO House®

Airbnb contest winners spend 28 hours in LEGO House®

Tucked into bed beneath a giant LEGO waterfall of almost 2 million bricks, sisters Izzy and Heather had the perfect end to an extraordinary day with their mum and dad in the newly built LEGO House in Denmark. The lucky family of four from Johnshaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland were selected to stay in the LEGO lovers’ paradise – a house filled with amazing creations and over 25 million LEGO bricks.

The Woollacott family won the once in a lifetime experience from over 24,000 entries by answering one simple question: If you had an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?  The two LEGO loving sisters, Izzy aged 4 and Heather, aged 7 charmed the judges with their joint submission that paired Heather’s passion for space travel with Izzy’s dream of opening up her own noodle restaurant.

The entire Woollacott family are huge LEGO fans but it was an extra special trip for Izzy who celebrated her 5th birthday on Saturday. “Nothing could be more awesome than waking up on your 5th birthday in the LEGO house so it’s going to be a tough act to follow next year!” said parents Nick and Susan.

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