Jaguar Land Rover Demonstrates All-Terrain Self-Driving Research

Jaguar Land Rover Demonstrates All-Terrain Self-Driving Research

  • Next-generation sensing technologies will be the eyes of future all-terrain autonomous cars – artificial intelligence will take capability to the next level
  • Ultrasonic sensors will detect surface conditions five metres in front of the car and identify grass, gravel, sand and snow before the car drives over them 
  • Automatically slow down when the car detects bumpy terrain or standing water ahead
  • World-first demonstration of an ‘Off-Road Connected Convoy’ using car-to-car communication to aid progress and enhance the driver experience


Whitley, UK: Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated a range of innovative research technologies that would allow a future autonomous car to drive itself over any surface or terrain. 

Jaguar Land Rover’s multi-million pound AUTONOMOUS ALL-TERRAIN DRIVING research project aims to make the self-driving car viable in the widest range of real life, on- and off-road driving environments and weather conditions. 

To enable this level of autonomous all-terrain capability, Jaguar Land Rover’s researchers are developing next-generation sensing technologies that will be the eyes of the future autonomous car. Because the sensors are always active and can see better than the driver, this advanced sensing will ultimately give a vehicle the high levels of artificial intelligence required for the car to think for itself and plan the route it should take, on any surface.


A full release, infographics and videos are available to download. 

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